Three Blind Men

Specializes on Sri Lanka but the site also has extensive photographic portfolios on India, Maldives Stock Images, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei in Asia and Botswana, South Africa and Kenya in Africa. Our most recent stock photography collections are from Yemen and Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

History of Ceylon Tea

A timeline of Sri Lanka’s plantation history commencing with the British Colonial period in 1796, against the timelines of the general history of Sri Lanka, and global events during the same period

F’s Place

Where simple thoughts and wonderful memories are conjoined, to create a sparkle of luminous joy to all those who want to remember, reminisce, care, and share about the times that we used to know and cherish before

Images of Ceylon

This site is dedicated to the many brave individuals who traveled far away from their own safe homes, on many occasions venturing deep into an unexplored land with little regard to their own safety, in order to capture that perfect moment in time for a photograph.

Huntley Film Archives

Even though Huntley is not dedicated to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) content, you can find a lot of old film archives related to Ceylon. A team of dedicated film archivists who aim to help you produce the best archive content for your project.

Lanka Library

This website contains a wide variety of information about Sri Lanka including history, archaeology, heritage, ethnic groups, rituals, myths, wildlife, languages.


Discover over 700 rare historical images of Sri Lanka, which was known as Ceylon before 1972. Their collection includes Places and Scenery around Sri Lanka, Antique maps, World War II scenes, People and scenes of daily life from early days to mid- twentieth century reflected in the colonial period.

Lanka Info

An online portal with various information about Sri Lanka such as news, people, history, culture, nature, sports, religion and more


Suravi is a French non-profit association (1901 law) created in January 2010. It aims to promote cultural, artistic, sporting or social activities in order to make known the many aspects of the cultures of Sri Lanka.

Voyage to the Past (The Archives)

The Archives is an online repository for historic images of Sri Lanka and its people. Through this portal, the public can browse through old photographs, illustrations, portraits, book excerpts, newspaper clippings, and even vintage films and videos to get a glimpse of the idyllic life of old Ceylon as portrayed in the classics of Sri Lankan literature.

The National Trust Sri Lanka

The National Trust for Cultural and Natural Heritage or the National Trust – Sri Lanka, as it is commonly known, is a national not-for-profit association, instituted to protect and raise public awareness of the tangible and intangible heritage of the island, which is not protected by any institution of the Government.