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Ceylon Built Class M3

Ceylon Government Railways (CGR) locally manufactured Class M3 locomotive. Built for shunting purpose in 1956 in Ratmalana Railway Workshop under guidance of chief engineer Mr. Raj Gopal. Two engines (180hp x 2) taken from Class S1 (imported in 1938, phased out of service after 1955) were used for this locomotive.

Maiden journey on 05th of September 1956. Declared open by Maithreepala Senanayaka, Minister of Transportation, 1956 government. Even though they were initially built as shunting locomotives, they were classified under M Class and it said M3 were used on regional services in Anuradhapura.

  • Builder : Ceylon Government Railway Workshops
  • Weight : 46 tons
  • Power : Williams & Robinson-Type-H6
  • Generator: English Electric 6 cylinder 180hp x 2 (4 stroke)
  • Axle arrangement : Bo-Bo
  • Gauge : 5′ 6″
  • Maximum speed : 55mph
  • Brakes : Vacuum
  • Total number of locomotives = 2 (589 and 590)
  • Livery : Dark blue, Light blue, Silver and Yellow strip

The first locomotive built (M3 589) was named as “Jayanthi”. While the 590 engine was manufactured in Rathmalana the same numbered locomotive was manufactured in Canada (first engine of M2a batch). The M2a was renumbered as 591 which was named after Canadian provincial name “Manitoba”.

The locomotives are currently non-operational and scrapped.

Credit – SL Rail Info, Wikipedia, Duran Nanayakkara

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