The Great Alligator River

The Great Alligator River, originally Il fiume del grande caimano and also known as Alligators, Caiman, Big Alligator River and The Big Caimano River, is a 1979 Italian adventure film directed by Sergio Martino.

When a greedy businessman (Mel Ferrer) ignores the warnings of the local tribesmen, their giant alligator god arrives to destroy his brand new resort. It is up to a pair of savvy tourists (Claudio Cassinelli and Barbara Bach) to stop the wrathful monster before they become his next meal.

Filming took place during the summer of 1979 in Sri Lanka and Italy. Most of the movie was shot in Sri Lanka. Donald Dias, Christopher Ferrando, Paul Taylor Odiase and Peter Peiris are a few names among the locals who appeared in the movie.


A tourist resort in Africa finds itself at the mercy of a huge man-eating crocodile from a local native legend which the croc is the incarnation of a native god angered by the intrusion of the tourists on its nesting ground. After a group of indigenous natives are subsequently killed and eaten, the rest that are still alive naturally blame the tourists and they set out to kill them. All while the survivors try to rally on a boat with the hungry crocodile in the water, and the blood-thirsty natives wanting retribution on land waiting for them.


  • Barbara Bach as Alice Brandt (Voiced by Susan Spafford)
  • Claudio Cassinelli as Daniel Nessel
  • Mel Ferrer as Joshua
  • Richard Johnson as Prophet Jameson
  • Romano Puppo as Peter
  • Anny Papa as Laura
  • Enzo Fisichella as Maurice, lover of Minou’s mother
  • Lory Del Santo as Jane
  • Clara Colosimo as tourist

Above video is an underwater scene from the movie with Barbara Bach and Claudio Cassinelli.

The movie generally got poor reviews. On RedLetterMedia it was named as “Best of the Worst” show for its Christmas 2016 episode (via a DVD titled Alligator). The Rotten Tomatoes audience score is only 25% for this movie.

Credit – Wikipedia, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Barbara Bach, SGL Movie Store

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